[Bug 196197] [drm:r600_ring_test [radeon]] *ERROR* radeon: ring 0 test failed (scratch(0x8504)=0xCAFEDEAD)

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Tue Dec 19 21:13:12 UTC 2017


--- Comment #15 from Andreas Brogle (anbro at ok.de) ---
Hmm, seems like a lucky punch to mee. No chance if the two commits would have
been vice versa ;-)

# skip: [d939cdfde34f50b95254b375f498447c82190b3e] md/linear: shutup lockdep
git bisect skip d939cdfde34f50b95254b375f498447c82190b3e

git rev-list v4.11-rc1
d939cdfde34f50b95254b375f498447c82190b3e (Kernel Panic)
60e8d3e11645a1b9c4197d9786df3894332c1685 (BAD)
190c3ee06a0f0660839785b7ad8a830e832d9481 (GOOD)

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