[Bug 104345] Playing video hangs X-Server with showing scrambled picture, sound still playing.

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(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #1)
> It's more likely a Mesa or maybe LLVM issue. Did this start happening after
> you upgraded Mesa and/or LLVM, or maybe another component such as the kernel?

I get such hangs since I am using this system since april. I waited to report
it because at that time I wondered if this might be a firmware issue, as the
hardware was very new.
But after some bios updates these hangs did not resolve.
(Just mainboard firmware update, found not yet an update for the graphics
Also thought that maybe the versions in Debian Stretch would be too old.

The earliest hanging logs I have are from mid June with kernel 4.9.0-3-amd64.
There the output was a little different as there was Xorg shown as blocking:
    INFO: task Xorg:1024 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
I tried every following kernel up to 4.12 via backports and upgraded at begin
of december to testing with 4.13.

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