[Bug 97896] RADEON DisplayPort - Monitor shows out of range in some modes

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Wed Dec 20 21:06:22 UTC 2017


--- Comment #5 from Stefan Müller-Klieser <stefan.mueller-klieser at web.de> ---
I have probably the same issue on 4.14.5. My setup works fine with Redmond OS.
This thread helped me to find the workaround under Linux with radeon.audio=0.
One additional information about the issue:
The out of range error probably comes from a complete miscalculation of the
pixel clock. Edid of the monitor is fine, but in the error case, every pixel
clock, the radeon wants to setup, is completely off from the edid modes. I
checked by comparing the pixel clocks reported by the monitor with the one
radeon reports. I can test patches or post more debug info. Cheers.

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