[PATCH v2 0/3] drm/sun4i: hdmi: Fix sun4i_tmds_determine_rate

Jonathan Liu net147 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 11:12:24 UTC 2017

This patchset fixes several issues in sun4i_tmds_determine_rate that I
discovered while trying to get a projector connected to an Olimex
A20-OLinuXino-LIME using HDMI with a native resolution of 1280x800 and
pixel clock of 83.5 MHz to display at its native resolution.

Changes for v2:
- Split into separate patches for each issue
- Add details to commit message for reproducing issue

Jonathan Liu (3):
  drm/sun4i: hdmi: Check for unset best_parent in
  drm/sun4i: hdmi: Fix incorrect assignment in sun4i_tmds_determine_rate
  drm/sun4i: hdmi: Add missing rate halving check in

 drivers/gpu/drm/sun4i/sun4i_hdmi_tmds_clk.c | 9 ++++++---
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


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