[ANN] HDMI CEC Status Update

Neil Armstrong narmstrong at baylibre.com
Tue May 30 07:21:57 UTC 2017

Hi Hans,

On 05/30/2017 08:53 AM, Hans Verkuil wrote:
> For those who are interested in HDMI CEC support I made a little status
> document that I intend to keep up to date:
> https://hverkuil.home.xs4all.nl/cec-status.txt
> My goal is to get CEC supported for any mainlined HDMI driver where the hardware
> supports CEC.
> If anyone is working on a CEC driver that I don't know already about, just drop
> me an email so I can update the status.
> I also started maintaining a list of DisplayPort to HDMI adapters that support
> CEC. If you have one that works and is not on the list, then please let me know.
> Seeing /dev/cecX is not enough, some adapters do not connect the CEC pin, so they
> won't be able to detect any other CEC devices. See the test instructions in the
> cec-status.txt file on how to make sure the adapter has a working CEC pin. I
> plan to do some more testing this week, so hopefully the list will expand.
> Thanks!
>     Hans

Following our discussion on IRC,
I'm working on a CEC driver for the standalone Amlogic CEC Controller that is able
to wake up the device from Suspend or Power Off mode by passing infos to the FW.

I initially planned to use the DW-HDMI CEC controller but I recently found out that
on the Amlogic Meson GX SoCs, the CEC line can be pinmuxed to either an Amlogic custom
controller or either to a Synopsys IP.

But it's connected to the Synopsys HDMI-RX controller... so my plan to use Russell's code
is now dead.

Anyway, I'll still need to have the CEC notifier suport for DW-HDMI, so I made a rebase/cleanup
of Russell's driver on 4.12-rc3 :
The rebase is aligned on dw-hdmi-i2s to use the bridge read/write ops.


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