[PATCH] drm/ttm: Use ttm_bo_default_io_mem_pfn if io_mem_pfn is NULL

Michal Srb msrb at suse.com
Wed Nov 29 15:29:48 UTC 2017

On Wednesday 29th November 2017 16:24:21 CET Christian K├Ânig  wrote:
> Am 29.11.2017 um 16:20 schrieb Michal Srb:
> > The io_mem_pfn field was added in commit
> > ea642c3216cb2a60d1c0e760ae47ee85c9c16447 and is called unconditionally.
> > However, not all drivers were updated to set it.
> > 
> > Use the ttm_bo_default_io_mem_pfn function if a driver did not set its
> > own.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Michal Srb <msrb at suse.com>
> NAK, when we have drivers missing this we should set this in the driver
> and not add the workaround here.
> Which driver is missing this? I thought I fixed all of them.

The one where I ran into the problem is hibmc. I've sent patch fixing it, but 
reportedly there is more drivers with the same issue, so this fix was 
suggested instead:

On Wednesday 29th November 2017 15:47:30 CET Sean Paul wrote:
> Instead of just doing the same cargo cult in this driver, lets just call the
> default function when io_mem_pfn is NULL. Looks like 9 other drivers are
> affected as well.

> Sean


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