[Bug 106258] AMD Xorg start failes with non-4K page sizes

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Fri May 25 19:07:42 UTC 2018


--- Comment #18 from Timothy Pearson <tpearson at raptorengineering.com> ---
(In reply to Timothy Pearson from comment #17)
> We have been unable to replicate this with the latest AMD GPU firmware from
> https://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/radeon_ucode/polaris/ .  Xorg starts
> fine with no errors.
> System: Debian Testing
> Kernel: 4.17.0-rc6
> $ getconf PAGESIZE
> 65536
> If you still experience the issues please give detailed instructions on how
> to reproduce your test environment, including OS installed and packages /
> configuration files in use.

To clarify, please install all of the files in that directory into your
/lib/firmware/amdgpu/ directory (on Debian), then test to see if the issue
persists.  The WX7100 uses the polaris10* files, the WX4100 uses the polaris11*

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