[Bug 106670] AMD GPU Error, random lockup, Ryzen 2500U Vega 8 GPU

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Tue May 29 01:19:37 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from JerryD <jvdelisle at charter.net> ---
(In reply to Ernst Sjöstrand from comment #1)
> Please post some information about your hardware and the kernel version
> you're running. Full dmesg is also good, shows what the driver says when
> it's loading.

I have attached the dmesg text. I also tried to use ssh from a remote machine
to try to 'see' what is going on. The ssh session also completely locks up. I
can reproduce this hange when running glxgears with vblank_mode=0. The time it
takes is random, something like 10 to 30 minutes.

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