[Bug 105425] 3D & games produce periodic GPU crashes (Radeon R7 370)

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I've thought about testing an older version of Mesa too. Especially since, from
what I can vaguely remember, certain system instabilities were introduced
roughly two years ago (autumn of 2016) when I switched from Mesa 13 to 17. I
doubt that's related after so long but figured I'd still mention.

The only issue is that I'm not sure how far I can downgrade my Mesa version
without it asking for old dependencies, potentially rendering my system
unusable due to library conflicts. On the other hand, I remember there was once
a way to run games against a custom version of Mesa, by separately compiling a
.so library and using an environment variable to point to it.

Is it possible to download a Mesa 13.x library from any repository? And what
was the environment variable to point an executable to it when running a game?

I will try booting with pcie_aspm=off next and let you know how it goes.

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