[Bug 86351] HDMI audio garbled output on Radeon R9 280X

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Thu May 31 07:09:51 UTC 2018


--- Comment #32 from lethalwp at gmail.com ---
It's still not ok for me with rx550 on a core2duo.
The HBR audio now starts playing to the audio receiver thanks to the fix.

But the sound is "flickering", it improves a lot by maximizing the audio
buffer, and even more by putting load on the cpu(vm), but it's still not

Couldn't reproduce this issue on a rx550+4770k. So it could be linked to older
motherboards/cpus slower scheduling or something?

Iirc, i also tried an rxvega on the core2duo, couldn't reproduce it either.

I still have tests to do: retry it with another linux distro on the old
computer. I really don't understand what or why anymore.

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