[Bug 105425] 3D & games produce periodic GPU crashes (Radeon R7 370)

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--- Comment #75 from iive at yahoo.com ---
(In reply to MirceaKitsune from comment #73)
> (In reply to iive from comment #72)
> I've thought about testing an older version of Mesa too. Especially since,
> from what I can vaguely remember, certain system instabilities were
> introduced roughly two years ago (autumn of 2016) when I switched from Mesa
> 13 to 17. I doubt that's related after so long but figured I'd still mention.
> The only issue is that I'm not sure how far I can downgrade my Mesa version
> without it asking for old dependencies, potentially rendering my system
> unusable due to library conflicts. On the other hand, I remember there was
> once a way to run games against a custom version of Mesa, by separately
> compiling a .so library and using an environment variable to point to it.
> Is it possible to download a Mesa 13.x library from any repository? And what
> was the environment variable to point an executable to it when running a
> game?

(In reply to MirceaKitsune from comment #74)
> pcie_aspm=off makes no difference. In addition, I tried booting back to the
> radeon module (instead of amdgpu) and disabling the SI scheduler: This seems
> to have slightly mitigated the problem in some cases (eg: Blender) but made
> no difference in others (eg: Xonotic).
> As for suspending to RAM: I haven't used Standby mode in ages. I never
> suspend my computer to RAM, so this could not be an issue.

No easy solutions...

If you are sure that mesa 13.x works for you, then you must try it, again.
I can't help you with packages, but you should be able to download the old
packages manually and install them manually too.
It might be PITA as it seems that OpenSUSE breaks Mesa on multiple packages,
like mesa, mesa-drm, mesa-libva, mesa-libgl1, mesa-libd3d...

Most packages should be forward compatible, so you don't have to downgrade
stuff like libdrm. 
However the tricky moment here is LLVM. Most likely only Mesa depends on LLVM,
so you have to downgrade both at the same time (and nothing else).

Theoretically it might still be possible to compile your own mesa-13.x from
source, if there are still some issue with the other dependencies. LLVM might
be the tricky part here, you might need matching older version.

Are there live cd's with OpenSuse? Something you can start without installing

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