[Bug 105425] 3D & games produce periodic GPU crashes (Radeon R7 370)

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That's what I feared too: I know Mesa depends on a lot of other libraries
(including LLVM) and you can't mix old and new versions between them. This is
my primary desktop on which I do all my activities, so I can't risk breaking it
nor downgrade the whole OS to an ancient version.

A live DVD would solve this however. Unfortunately I don't know how far I can
still find those for openSUSE, nor what the last openSUSE release was that came
with Mesa 13 instead of 17. Does anyone else have this information?

As a side note, I should mention that I'm now in the process of trying to
obtain a new video card: This couldn't be investigated in several months and I
can't wait much longer. Once I get a new card, I might not be able to continue
this test any more. I may still ask a friend to try my video card in Windows,
just so we at least know if this was a combination of bad hardware or the devs
should still be on the lookout for an obscure driver bug.

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