[Bug 200621] Freezing with amdgpu driver

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Mon Sep 3 14:07:55 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from Jon (jon780 at gmail.com) ---
Upgraded to 4.18.5 and have been running that since 8/29.  I've had the same
amount of freezing, but no more errors in the journal.  This morning it was  a
complete freeze while using Firefox.  Nothing of interest in the logs that I
could find.  The last message prior to freeze this time was dnf-automatic
attempting to update the cache, so I went ahead and disabled that to test.  I
checked the log during previous freezes and this wasn't present, so I doubt it
will be the culprit.

Not sure how to troubleshoot further.  I've run memtest and stress-ng and
cannot replicate the problem.  No freezing or errors reported by memtest.  CPU
temperatures seem good (Tdie is 28C idle and 42C under load).

This time it froze completely, mouse wouldn't move, numlock light stuck on,
audio was playing and started producing garbled output until I pressed the
reset switch on the pc.

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