[Bug 106671] Frequent lock ups for AMD RX 550 graphics card

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Sat Sep 15 00:04:12 UTC 2018


--- Comment #16 from Alan W. Irwin <Alan.W.Irwin1234 at gmail.com> ---
I was beginning to have some hope that the latest direct access experiment
would prove to be stable.  However, just now it locked up again after almost 7
days.  So the stability is substantially improved compared to before, and my
guess is that improvement is due to installation of the amd64-microcode package
from Debian Buster for this latest experiment.  
However, this is still disappointing stability because typically for truly
stable systems I achieve up times of 30 days or longer with the only limit on
uptime being how often I have to reboot due to kernel upgrades.
I have attached a crash report tarball containing dmesg output as well as
various log files that captured all log activity before the lockup and the boot
afterward.  I don't see anything concerning the crash in those log files, but I
may be missing something since I am no expert so I would appreciate it if you
took a look.
I have restarted exactly the same direct graphics access test again (with same
versions of graphics stack packages and your recommended idle=nomwait kernel
parameter in hopes that the kernel will last longer this time before the lockup
and/or I catch more details of the lockup when it occurs.  If you would prefer
me to try a different variant of this test, please let me know.

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