[Bug 100443] DMESG: [powerplay] Can't find requested voltage id in vdd_dep_on_sclk table!

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--- Comment #39 from Devin Prince <semperverus at gmail.com> ---
Hi Christian,

I hope it's okay if I re-open this bug. I still seem to be having it, almost a
year later.

A while ago (not exactly sure when), ppfeaturemask stopped working for me, and
now I am required to set amdgpu.dpm to 0 in order to successfully boot to a
GUI, otherwise it hangs after a few drivers load. I can do most things, but
performance is very poor. Setting dpm=0 and ppfeaturemask=1 or 0xffffffff has a
strange effect where it will successfully boot, but I can't load any sort of
GUI, saying it can't detect or connect to a display (with and without X

What sort of identifier would be needed to integrate this card into the driver?
And what other information would you find useful (commands I can run would be

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