[Bug 107898] "kfd: Failed to resume IOMMU for device 1002:15dd" on Raven Ridge

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Thu Sep 20 09:00:17 UTC 2018


--- Comment #9 from Marvin Damschen <marvin.damschen at gullz.de> ---
ROCm 1.9 runs OpenCL on GPU on top of mainline kfd and seems stable. However:
- CPU is not detected as a compute device (rocminfo attached)
- Performance, at least in darktable, is quite low (the "bench.SRW" benchmark
in OpenCL on GPU takes more than 3 times longer than on CPU without OpenCL).
The problem could be that memory buffers are too small, clinfo reports:
"Max memory allocation                           268435456 (256MiB)"
which seems quite small to me (?).

Are these problems a result of incorrect information in CRAT?

Best regards

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