[Bug 106671] Frequent lock ups for AMD RX 550 graphics card

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--- Comment #19 from Alan W. Irwin <Alan.W.Irwin1234 at gmail.com> ---
Despite a new kernel, this instability issue has continued.  Kernel 4.18.6
locked up after 8+ days of up time on our principal computer that has the RX
550 graphics card installed.  (I will refer to this computer as the "new"
computer, our other working Linux computer that is used to display X results
from the new computer as the X-terminal, and our old principal computer
(powered down permanently now) as the "old" computer.) The lockup of the new
computer occurred some time in the early morning and (since two users use this
machine at one time) with one inactive XFCE desktop being displayed on our
X-terminal and one inactive XFCE desktop being displayed directly on the new
computer.  The only symptom of the lockup I could spot in the log files was a
burst of null bytes in each log file.  For what it is worth that symptom is
new.  See the attached crash_report_20180923.tar.gz for the log file and dmesg

This result of 8+ days of up time for direct graphics desktop use of the new
computer is slightly better than the almost 7 days of up time achieved for the
previous similar test for kernel 4.17.7.  Although the present up time result
at least encourages further testing with kernel 4.18.x, this is only one test,
and the next test might give a substantially shorter or longer up time. In any
case this result is still far from ideal since such lockups never occurred on
the old computer that this new computer replaced and also do not currently
occur for the X-terminal.  That is, on the old principal box up times exceeding
30 days have been common and similarly on the X-terminal, and the only reason I
rebooted in those cases was power interruptions or the installation of a new
kernel.  For the present case of the new box, the lockups mean the only
recovery possible is to hit the reset button with all that implies about
journal recovery and potential file deletion for files that are in inconsistent
shape due to the lockup.

For what it is worth, the lockup symptoms this time were a bit different than
before.  The new computer had a frozen display (rather than blank before), and
frozen mouse and keyboard (as before).  The X-terminal used to remotely access
a desktop running on the new computer had a frozen display (rather than
blanked) with working keyboard (and maybe mouse, but I didn't record that) so I
could exit the local X and get to the Linux console where ping to the new
computer actually worked (as opposed to ping not working at all for the
previous lockup).  So because networking was working, ssh to the new computer
didn't time out.  However, it ran for 20+ minutes with no sign of a login so
the net result was the same as for previous lockups; there was no way to login
to the new computer from another computer to shut down the new computer
normally so the only method of shutting it down was to hit the reset button.

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