[Bug 106671] Frequent lock ups for AMD RX 550 graphics card

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--- Comment #22 from Alan W. Irwin <Alan.W.Irwin1234 at gmail.com> ---
This last stability test lasted only 17.5 hours before the lockup.  See the
latest attached tarball for the relevant log files (which capture everything
during this short up time) and dmesg output.  As far as I can tell there is
nothing in those log files relevant to the lockup, e.g., no burst of null ascii
characters like what occurred in the log files for the previous experiment.
There are some segfaults associated with a cron task I have configured every
morning starting at 4:32, but those always occur for that task (which is a
complete build and test of CMake) so I don't think they are relevant.

The actual lockup today happened with one inactive desktop running on the
X-terminal and one active desktop running on the new box.  (I was editing a
file with Emacs.) Also, the symptoms of this lockup were more severe, i.e.,
did not work from the X-terminal to the new box.  But as always there was no
way to shut down the new box properly so I had to do that with the reset

Since I bought the new box in May remote access from an X-terminal has only
locked up twice (one of those detailed here), and after a relatively long
period of time.  So tests where the X-terminal use is the only way to access
the new box seems in general much more stable than direct use (as in the
present case with such a short time before the lockup).  And I haven't tried
sole use of the X-terminal for a while now, and that may be completely stable
with the new kernel.  So my conclusion remains that the problem is associated
with the Debian Buster graphics stack (and likely also the very latest graphics
stack if someone will do some up time tests for modern AMD graphics cards for
that stack) used to display and control the RX 550 card on the new box.

I have now started a new test (as of 9:08:19 today) with all graphics stack
versions and kernel parameters the same as for the previous test in hopes that
when the inevitable lockup comes the log files will be more informative. 
Please let me know if you have some other experiment you would like me to try.

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