[PATCH 0/3] virtio: add vmap support for prime objects

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Wed Sep 26 06:07:07 UTC 2018


> Having the support for vmapping dmabuf's is required to share
> dmabufs to drivers that want CPU access. This is the case of
> a vivid to virtio-gpu pipeline, where the virtio-gpu driver
> exports dmabufs to the video4linux vivid driver.
> The first patch adds virtio_gpu_object_kunmap() and calls
> it from the TTM object destroy path. This function will be
> used to unmap prime objects.
> The second patch reworks virtio_gpu_object_kmap(), so it's
> balanced with virtio_gpu_object_kunmap.
> Finally, the third patch uses virtio_gpu_object_k{map,unmap}
> to support prime v{map,unmap}.
> Please review!

Pushed to drm-misc-next.


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