[Bug 106940] Black screen on KMS with 4.18.0-rc1 with Kaveri+Topaz, amdgpu, dc=1

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Wed Sep 26 08:39:10 UTC 2018


--- Comment #41 from Andrey Arapov <andrey.arapov at nixaid.com> ---
Not sure if that helps, but could you try reverting this commit?

My MacBookPro Mid 2017 started to experience the black screen issue since
4.18.0-rc1 up to 4.19.0-rc4 (and probably higher). Having that commit reverted
has resolved the black screen issue I had, allowing me to use amdgpu.dc=1


- https://github.com/Dunedan/mbp-2016-linux/issues/73#issuecomment-422397681

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