[LKP] [drm/mgag200] 90f479ae51: vm-scalability.median -18.8% regression

Thomas Zimmermann tzimmermann at suse.de
Fri Aug 2 08:23:22 UTC 2019


Am 02.08.19 um 09:11 schrieb Rong Chen:
> Hi,
> On 8/1/19 7:58 PM, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
>> Hi
>> Am 01.08.19 um 13:25 schrieb Feng Tang:
>>> Hi Thomas,
>>> On Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 11:59:28AM +0200, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> Am 01.08.19 um 10:37 schrieb Feng Tang:
>>>>> On Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 02:19:53PM +0800, Rong Chen wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> commit: 90f479ae51afa45efab97afdde9b94b9660dd3e4
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ("drm/mgag200: Replace struct mga_fbdev with generic
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> framebuffer emulation")
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/next/linux-next.git
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> master
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Daniel, Noralf, we may have to revert this patch.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I expected some change in display performance, but not in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> VM. Since it's
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a server chipset, probably no one cares much about display
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> performance.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So that seemed like a good trade-off for re-using shared
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> code.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Part of the patch set is that the generic fb emulation now
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> maps and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> unmaps the fbdev BO when updating the screen. I guess
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that's the cause
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> of the performance regression. And it should be visible
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> with other
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> drivers as well if they use a shadow FB for fbdev emulation.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> For fbcon we should need to do any maps/unamps at all, this
>>>>>>>>>>>>> is for the
>>>>>>>>>>>>> fbdev mmap support only. If the testcase mentioned here
>>>>>>>>>>>>> tests fbdev
>>>>>>>>>>>>> mmap handling it's pretty badly misnamed :-) And as long as
>>>>>>>>>>>>> you don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>> have an fbdev mmap there shouldn't be any impact at all.
>>>>>>>>>>>> The ast and mgag200 have only a few MiB of VRAM, so we have
>>>>>>>>>>>> to get the
>>>>>>>>>>>> fbdev BO out if it's not being displayed. If not being
>>>>>>>>>>>> mapped, it can be
>>>>>>>>>>>> evicted and make room for X, etc.
>>>>>>>>>>>> To make this work, the BO's memory is mapped and unmapped in
>>>>>>>>>>>> drm_fb_helper_dirty_work() before being updated from the
>>>>>>>>>>>> shadow FB. [1]
>>>>>>>>>>>> That fbdev mapping is established on each screen update,
>>>>>>>>>>>> more or less.
>>>>>>>>>>>>  From my (yet unverified) understanding, this causes the
>>>>>>>>>>>> performance
>>>>>>>>>>>> regression in the VM code.
>>>>>>>>>>>> The original code in mgag200 used to kmap the fbdev BO while
>>>>>>>>>>>> it's being
>>>>>>>>>>>> displayed; [2] and the drawing code only mapped it when
>>>>>>>>>>>> necessary (i.e.,
>>>>>>>>>>>> not being display). [3]
>>>>>>>>>>> Hm yeah, this vmap/vunmap is going to be pretty bad. We
>>>>>>>>>>> indeed should
>>>>>>>>>>> cache this.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I think this could be added for VRAM helpers as well, but
>>>>>>>>>>>> it's still a
>>>>>>>>>>>> workaround and non-VRAM drivers might also run into such a
>>>>>>>>>>>> performance
>>>>>>>>>>>> regression if they use the fbdev's shadow fb.
>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah agreed, fbdev emulation should try to cache the vmap.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Noralf mentioned that there are plans for other DRM clients
>>>>>>>>>>>> besides the
>>>>>>>>>>>> console. They would as well run into similar problems.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The thing is that we'd need another generic fbdev
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> emulation for ast and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mgag200 that handles this issue properly.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah I dont think we want to jump the gun here.  If you can
>>>>>>>>>>>>> try to
>>>>>>>>>>>>> repro locally and profile where we're wasting cpu time I
>>>>>>>>>>>>> hope that
>>>>>>>>>>>>> should sched a light what's going wrong here.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I don't have much time ATM and I'm not even officially at
>>>>>>>>>>>> work until
>>>>>>>>>>>> late Aug. I'd send you the revert and investigate later. I
>>>>>>>>>>>> agree that
>>>>>>>>>>>> using generic fbdev emulation would be preferable.
>>>>>>>>>>> Still not sure that's the right thing to do really. Yes it's a
>>>>>>>>>>> regression, but vm testcases shouldn run a single line of
>>>>>>>>>>> fbcon or drm
>>>>>>>>>>> code. So why this is impacted so heavily by a silly drm
>>>>>>>>>>> change is very
>>>>>>>>>>> confusing to me. We might be papering over a deeper and much
>>>>>>>>>>> more
>>>>>>>>>>> serious issue ...
>>>>>>>>>> It's a regression, the right thing is to revert first and then
>>>>>>>>>> work
>>>>>>>>>> out the right thing to do.
>>>>>>>>> Sure, but I have no idea whether the testcase is doing something
>>>>>>>>> reasonable. If it's accidentally testing vm scalability of
>>>>>>>>> fbdev and
>>>>>>>>> there's no one else doing something this pointless, then it's
>>>>>>>>> not a
>>>>>>>>> real bug. Plus I think we're shooting the messenger here.
>>>>>>>>>> It's likely the test runs on the console and printfs stuff out
>>>>>>>>>> while running.
>>>>>>>>> But why did we not regress the world if a few prints on the
>>>>>>>>> console
>>>>>>>>> have such a huge impact? We didn't get an entire stream of
>>>>>>>>> mails about
>>>>>>>>> breaking stuff ...
>>>>>>>> The regression seems not related to the commit.  But we have
>>>>>>>> retested
>>>>>>>> and confirmed the regression.  Hard to understand what happens.
>>>>>>> Does the regressed test cause any output on console while it's
>>>>>>> measuring? If so, it's probably accidentally measuring fbcon/DRM
>>>>>>> code in
>>>>>>> addition to the workload it's trying to measure.
>>>>>> Sorry, I'm not familiar with DRM, we enabled the console to output
>>>>>> logs, and
>>>>>> attached please find the log file.
>>>>>> "Command line: ... console=tty0 earlyprintk=ttyS0,115200
>>>>>> console=ttyS0,115200 vga=normal rw"
>>>>> We did more check, and found this test machine does use the
>>>>> mgag200 driver.
>>>>> And we are suspecting the regression is caused by
>>>>> commit cf1ca9aeb930df074bb5bbcde55f935fec04e529
>>>>> Author: Thomas Zimmermann <tzimmermann at suse.de>
>>>>> Date:   Wed Jul 3 09:58:24 2019 +0200
>>>> Yes, that's the commit. Unfortunately reverting it would require
>>>> reverting a hand full of other patches as well.
>>>> I have a potential fix for the problem. Could you run and verify
>>>> that it
>>>> resolves the problem?
>>> Sure, please send it to us. Rong and I will try it.
>> Fantastic, thank you! The patch set is available on dri-devel at
>> https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/dri-devel/2019-August/228950.html
> The patch set improves the performance slightly, but the change is not
> very obvious.
> $ git log --oneline 8f7ec6bcc7 -5
> 8f7ec6bcc75a9 drm/mgag200: Map fbdev framebuffer while it's being displayed
> abcb1cf24033a drm/ast: Map fbdev framebuffer while it's being displayed
> a92f80044c623 drm/vram-helpers: Add kmap ref-counting to GEM VRAM objects
> 90f479ae51afa drm/mgag200: Replace struct mga_fbdev with generic
> framebuffer emulation
> f1f8555dfb9a7 drm/bochs: Use shadow buffer for bochs framebuffer console
> commit:
>   f1f8555dfb ("drm/bochs: Use shadow buffer for bochs framebuffer console")
>   90f479ae51 ("drm/mgag200: Replace struct mga_fbdev with generic
> framebuffer emulation")
>   8f7ec6bcc7 ("drm/mgag200: Map fbdev framebuffer while it's being
> displayed")
> f1f8555dfb9a70a2  90f479ae51afa45efab97afdde 8f7ec6bcc75a996f5c6b39a9cf 
> testcase/testparams/testbox
> ----------------  -------------------------- -------------------------- 
> ---------------------------
>          %stddev      change         %stddev      change %stddev
>              \          |                \          | \
>      43921             -18%      35884             -17% 36629
> vm-scalability/performance-300s-8T-anon-cow-seq-hugetlb/lkp-knm01
>      43921             -18%      35884             -17% 36629       
> GEO-MEAN vm-scalability.median

The regression goes from -18% to -17%, if I understand this correctly.
This is strange, because the patch set restores the way that the
original code worked. The heavy map/unmap calls in the fbdev code are
gone. Performance should have been back to normal.

I'd like to prepare a patch set for entirely reverting all changes. Can
I send it to you for testing?

Best regards

> Best Regards,
> Rong Chen
>> Best regards
>> Thomas
>>> Thanks,
>>> Feng
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Thomas
>>>>>      drm/fb-helper: Map DRM client buffer only when required
>>>>>           This patch changes DRM clients to not map the buffer by
>>>>> default. The
>>>>>      buffer, like any buffer object, should be mapped and unmapped
>>>>> when
>>>>>      needed.
>>>>>           An unmapped buffer object can be evicted to system memory
>>>>> and does
>>>>>      not consume video ram until displayed. This allows to use
>>>>> generic fbdev
>>>>>      emulation with drivers for low-memory devices, such as ast and
>>>>> mgag200.
>>>>>           This change affects the generic framebuffer console.
>>>>> HW-based consoles
>>>>>      map their console buffer once and keep it mapped. Userspace
>>>>> can mmap this
>>>>>      buffer into its address space. The shadow-buffered framebuffer
>>>>> console
>>>>>      only needs the buffer object to be mapped during updates.
>>>>> While not being
>>>>>      updated from the shadow buffer, the buffer object can remain
>>>>> unmapped.
>>>>>      Userspace will always mmap the shadow buffer.
>>>>>   which may add more load when fbcon is busy printing out messages.
>>>>> We are doing more test inside 0day to confirm.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Feng
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