[Bug 108641] Interlaced dark lines in XCOM2 (UE3.5) on Aruba and Turks

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Sun Aug 4 17:06:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from steelwinged at gmail.com ---
Situation still occurs on Mesa 19.1.3, refreshed RenderDoc capture at

I might be conflating things, but there's also a shader scheduling error:

##post_scheduler: unscheduled pending instructions :MOV     R27.x.5 at R1.w,   
R17.x.1 at R1.x
MOV     R27.x.3 at R1.y,    R17.w.1 at R0.z
MOV     R17.x.1 at R1.x,    A9.y[R16.x.1 at R0.w]_73F at R1.y
                                            rels: A9.y[R16.x.1 at R0.w]_73F at R1.y :
 <= R9.y.1F, R10.y.1F, R11.y.1F, R12.y.1F, R13.y.1F, R14.y.1F
MOV     R17.w.1 at R0.z,    A9.x[R16.x.1 at R0.w]_62F at R1.x
                                            rels: A9.x[R16.x.1 at R0.w]_62F at R1.x :
 <= R9.x.1F, R10.x.1F, R11.x.1F, R12.x.1F, R13.x.1F, R14.x.1F
MOV     R14.y.1F,    4.2039e-45|00000003
MOV     R13.y.1F,    4.2039e-45|00000003
MOV     R12.y.1F,    7.00649e-45|00000005
MOV     R11.y.1F,    5.60519e-45|00000004
MOV     R10.y.1F,    4.2039e-45|00000003
MOV     R9.y.1F,    4.2039e-45|00000003
FLT_TO_UINT     R16.x.1 at R0.w,    C4102.x
MOV     R14.x.1F,    1.4013e-45|00000001
MOV     R13.x.1F,    0|00000000
MOV     R12.x.1F,    0|00000000
MOV     R11.x.1F,    0|00000000
MOV     R10.x.1F,    5.60519e-45|00000004
MOV     R9.x.1F,    7.00649e-45|00000005

I don't read mnemonics, but I'm guessing that could be "Shader 9120" from the
capture, which also causes the interlacing lines. I'm attaching it shortly.

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