[Bug 111122] 2500U: Graphics corruption on kernel 5.2

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Thu Aug 8 08:43:58 UTC 2019


--- Comment #7 from Wiktor Kaczor <wiktoraleksanderkaczor at gmail.com> ---
I have the same problem using the Lenovo 530S-14ARR with Ryzen 5 2500U. 

The XFCE4 compositing makes the system immediately freeze as soon as I log in
on Manjaro with the 5.2.4-1 kernel.

On the 5.3rc2 kernel, I can enable it and it doesn't immediately hang without
recovery. That said, the compositing doesn't work and we have a lot of
corruption as soon as anything updates on screen.

The "iommu=pt" option didn't do anything for me in regards to reducing the

I didn't know which logs to include so I didn't. Send reply with the names and
hopefully, approximate path of any logs to include.

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