[Bug 100239] Incorrect rendering in CS:GO

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Bruno Jacquet (Xaapyks) <maxijac at free.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #23 from Bruno Jacquet (Xaapyks) <maxijac at free.fr> ---
Since my last message I upgraded my GPU, I now have a Vega 64, and in mesa
19.1.3 I still have the issue, the AUG scope is being all garbled with black

mesa 19.1.3 appears to have a cherry-pick of the commit
(825ca9e42eacd305a63f63c61fbbe6348b0266aa) and I checked, I do have the conf in
my filesystem:

$ grep -A2 "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" 
        <application name="Counter-Strike Global Offensive"
            <option name="radeonsi_zerovram" value="true" />

So I'd say the issue is still there.

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