[Bug 110674] Crashes / Resets From AMDGPU / Radeon VII

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>It returns 0 on success and -EIO on failure, which is then in turn returned from vega20_set_fclk_to_highest_dpm_leve. Where did you see the check/retry on EINVAL? Perhaps -EIO should be -EINVAL?

I didn't find check/retry code. It was more just a thought that maybe we could
keep vega20_set_uclk_to_highest_dpm_level from just returning despite the error
and allowing further initialization to proceed. Even if it crashed, that might
be even be helpful since it's not clear if it's the initialization
(drm_dev_register) or something else that is silent in the logs that is
changing something and causing vega20_set_uclk_to_highest_dpm_level to fail
where we know it succeeded so many times before.

>I'm not sure this is helpful but I managed to somewhat test the race condition theory.

If there is a race, I'm not sure it's in the time the driver waits for the
hardware registers to respond and/or the value to set. But it's still

At this point it seems more likely that something else we aren't seeing in the
logs is breaking vega20_set_uclk_to_highest_dpm_level in the last moments
(unlikely due to the dpm_state.hard_min_level value), it falls through and
drm_dev_register runs and initialization message prints. amdgpu doesn't
consider the "[SetUclkToHightestDpmLevel] Set hard min uclk failed!" to be a
significant enough error to stop initialization. But maybe it should . . .

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