[Bug 110674] Crashes / Resets From AMDGPU / Radeon VII

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Grasping at straws a bit here, but it occurred to me that maybe Linux kernel
testing on Radeon VII was done on an early VBIOS that didn't have full UEFI
support yet. We know that AMD had to issue a VBIOS update for Radeon VII to fix
UEFI support shortly after the launch. So maybe enabling the CSM/Legacy Support
in the BIOS, which does impact early GPU initialization, might have some effect
on the multimonitor problem? Something I plan to test, but I wanted to share
the idea in case someone else has a chance first.

>This might not mean anything, but it could be another clue that initilization is happening before the card is really ready.

Also, I considered that both of my monitors have audio out support. I wonder if
audio initialization might be the missing piece to the puzzle, the thing that
interrupts/changes the state of the card and prevents
smu_send_smc_msg_with_param from working where it did before. I know that in
the past with previous AMD cards, display audio has been buggy . . .

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