omap4: how to obtain drm_connector in hdmi4_cec.c for cec_s_conn_info()?

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at
Mon Aug 19 15:23:31 UTC 2019

Hi Tomi, Laurent,

For the CEC framework we (Dariusz and myself) are working on code to associate
a drm_connector with a CEC adapter, making it easier for userspace to link the

In order to do that I need the drm_connector structure when creating the
CEC adapter in hdmi4_cec.c. That's easy enough in the GPU drivers, except for
the omap.

I need the drm_connector in hdmi4_cec_init(). Any idea how to obtain it
through the seemingly endless layers of data structures?

The code itself that needs to be added to hdmi4_cec_init() is easy enough:

	struct cec_connector_info conn_info;

	cec_fill_conn_info_from_drm(&conn_info, connector);
	cec_s_conn_info(core->adap, &conn_info);

but getting the drm_connector is the hard bit.

As an aside: I finally found some time to finish my work on the omap5 CEC support.
Expect patches for this soon.



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