[PATCH 1/2] drm/panel: Add and fill drm_panel type field

Nicolas.Ferre at microchip.com Nicolas.Ferre at microchip.com
Fri Aug 23 07:30:07 UTC 2019

Hi Laurent,

On 23/08/2019 at 03:40, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> Add a type field to the drm_panel structure to report the panel type,
> using DRM_MODE_CONNECTOR_* macros (the values that make sense are LVDS,
> eDP, DSI and DPI). This will be used to initialise the corresponding
> connector type.

With Microchip/Atmel driver, we mainly (only) use the "Unknown" type of 
connector because our hardware simply uses RGB wires in parallel.

Should we move to another connector type (maybe now that it's created 
and it was not, back when we chose the "Unknown" one)?

What would be the consequences if we move (silently?) to another type 
and particularly on the command line argument like the ones we currently 
use: "Unknown-1:800x480-16"?

Thanks for your insight on this. Best regards,

> Update all panel drivers to fill the new field.
> Signed-off-by: Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinchart at ideasonboard.com>
> ---

Nicolas Ferre

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