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--- Comment #9 from Ant (untaintableangel at hotmail.co.uk) ---
If it's any help, I had a look at your .config and noticed you've got the right
navi10 firmware compiled in (however you've repeated amdgpu/navi10_pfp.bin and
amdgpu/navi10_rlc.bin entries - much easier to use this entry which includes
them all: 


You've got your firmware compiled in, but this is only necessary if you've got
amdgpu compiled in (Y). If 'amdgpu' is left as a module (M), it will hunt out
your firmware files in /lib/firmware by itself on the fly to start.

You've got amdgpu as a module (M) in your .config but it's not being loaded
when you check with lsmod, so I'm left wondering if you've got a config file
somewhere blacklisting it or telling something else to be used.

could you post the output of:
ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/


ls /usr/local/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/

to see if there are any such config files. Your "Xorg.0.log" will also offer
clues about what is happening.
e.g. If you had an older AMD gpu in the past that was set to use the 'radeon'
module, and it was looking for this, realising this module doesn't support your
card, then falling back to vesa.

As you're comfy compiling your own kernel, I suspect that if you compile amdgpu
into your kernel with Y instead of M, it may inadvertently force that to be
defacto for the display above other options.

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