[PATCH v3 01/11] checkpatch: check for nested (un)?likely() calls

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at web.de
Sat Aug 31 17:26:41 UTC 2019

>>>>> +# nested likely/unlikely calls
>>>>> +        if ($line =~ /\b(?:(?:un)?likely)\s*\(\s*!?\s*(IS_ERR(?:_OR_NULL|_VALUE)?|WARN)/) {
>>>>> +            WARN("LIKELY_MISUSE",
>> \b(?:un)?likely\s*
> This pair of brackets is required to match "unlikely"
> and it's optional in order to match "likely".

I agree also to this view if you refer to the shortened regular expression here.
But I got an other development opinion for an extra pair of non-capturing parentheses
at the front (from the version which you suggested).


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