[Bug 110674] Crashes / Resets From AMDGPU / Radeon VII

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--- Comment #155 from ReddestDream <reddestdream at gmail.com> ---
So, I've done some tests with 5.4-rc1 and it seems like I'm getting similar
results to linedot at xcpp.org and sehellion at gmail.com. I'm using GNOME with
Wayland (which works fine with only 1 display). Sometimes it works for a while.
Sometimes I can't see the mouse cursor. Sometimes I get glitches all over the
screen containing pieces and parts of previous framebuffers. But, I mean, it's
better than 5.3 was, which was so bad I never could see anything and I would
get stuck on blackscreen. At least on 5.4-rc1 I've been able to manually switch
to a virtual console and reboot rather than force a reboot with the power

Still hoping for some fix for this, but it's become less important to me as
further improvements to GNOME and MESA have made the Radeon VII + iGPU setup
I've been using run smoother. I've also discovered further issues on Windows
regarding the high memory clock when using multiple monitors with Radeon VII,
and it's been affecting performance there too. I'm considering just sticking
with 1 monitor only with for this machine/card. lol

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