[Outreachy][VKMS] Apply to VKMS

Navare, Manasi D manasi.d.navare at intel.com
Fri Oct 4 21:01:17 UTC 2019

Hi Lorrany,

Its great to hear that you are interested in VKMS project. 
Is this your first time in the DRM subsystem or the Linux kernel? First of all,

In order to improve your experience, we selected a set of tutorials that may
help you to get into the DRM subsystem:

1. This project is about VKMS and IGT, which means that you don't need real
hardware for work in this project. You need to work with a virtual machine; in
this sense, we recommend the following tutorial for preparing your work


2. If you had success in setup your VM, you could start the most exciting part:
compile and install a kernel. Take a look at this tutorial:


Get the IGT tools and compile and run some tests on VKMS:

4. Now, it is time to work with a single module. Take a look at this tutorial:


5. Finally, prepare yourself to send a patch. Take a look at:


Please let me or Rodrigo Siqueira know if you have any questions.

Manasi Navare 
(mdnavare at Freenode)

Hi guys, 

I'm Lorrany Azevedo, and I'm participating in the application phase for the outreachy internships. I'm interested in making a contribution to VKMS, and I would like to ask for tips on how I can do this,  I'm new to the community and I never
 made any contribution to the FOSS. 

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