[Bug 111481] AMD Navi GPU frequent freezes on both Manjaro/Ubuntu with kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 -git/llvm9

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> (In reply to Marko Popovic from comment #70)
> > 
> > Yes, I can confirm that with 5.4 RC1 and MESA-git from 04.10. (with radv
> > patches included) I can reproduce all 4 types of hangs, random desktop hang,
> > Rise of the Tomb Raider Hang, Starcraft II hang and even Citra hang
> > (eventhough those patches supposedly fix the ngg) so that's a huge bummer.
> Just to clarify, those fixes were added post rc1 tag, so you'd need to build
> the master branch of Linus's repo (it would produce 5.4-rc1+).

Sorry I wrote poorly, I'm using 5.4 daily build.

These hangs on Navi seem to be quite a hard nut to crack for AMD it seems, they
are trying with different types of patches from amdgpu, firmware, kernel and
even mesa, and yet nothing ever changes :(

Maybe this issue should get a high priority at least considering that hangs
basically render desktop unusable for many things, quite a few dxvk games
produce hangs even with nodma and nongg applied, so no idea what could be going
on there. Why do those flags work for some things and not for the others...

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