[Bug 204725] black screen

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Sat Oct 5 11:49:34 UTC 2019


--- Comment #53 from Dmitri Seletski (drjoms at gmail.com) ---
made minor error.
compiled 5.4r1
compiled in 'DCN 2.1 family'. I don't hardware for it.
With it and DCN 2.0 i get console.
I get to see Xorg. though not sure if it's vesa or not, because resolution is
very wrong for my screen.
Found another bug in 5.4-rc1

I disabled DCN 2.1 family

3d Games work with 5.4-rc1 but crush if full screen. Sometimes it will work,
but when quit - it hangs Xorg. Processes seem to run, as music still playing.

If someone still looking here i can give more details.

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