[Bug 109955] amdgpu [RX Vega 64] system freeze while gaming

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Sat Oct 5 12:02:13 UTC 2019


--- Comment #113 from Jason Playne <jason at jasonplayne.com> ---
As others have noted, with powerplay doing its thing we get system freezes.

Just had a successful 6+ hour gaming session on a kernel 5.3.2-050302-generic
with the following being done:
 * Forcing high perf state
 * Undervolt/Overclock
 * Higher fan curve (https://github.com/grmat/amdgpu-fancontrol)

I know that I have been messing with all sorts here, but I think it suggests
that PowerPlay may be at fault here when my system *does* crash (which is all
the time without the force high perf state)

All details below:

# Forcing High Perf
echo high | sudo tee

# Undervolt / Overclock
I also have done some messing around with voltages/clocks

$ cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/pp_od_clk_voltage
0:        852Mhz        800mV
1:        991Mhz        900mV
2:       1084Mhz        940mV
3:       1138Mhz        990mV
4:       1200Mhz       1040mV
5:       1401Mhz       1090mV
6:       1536Mhz       1140mV
7:       1630Mhz       1190mV
0:        167Mhz        800mV
1:        500Mhz        800mV
2:        850Mhz        940mV
3:       1000Mhz       1100mV
SCLK:     852MHz       2400MHz
MCLK:     167MHz       1500MHz
VDDC:     800mV        1200mV

# Settings for AMDGPU Fancontrol
TEMPS=( 35000 70000 80000 )
PWMS=(     70   180   255 )

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