[Bug 111913] AMD Navi10 GPU powerplay issues when using two DisplayPort connectors

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--- Comment #9 from Andrew Sheldon <asheldon55 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Stefan Rehm from comment #8)
> In my case the resolution of both monitors is 2560x1440

You could try overclocking (or underclocking) one or both monitors to see if
the bug still exists, using:

I recommend using the "-b" option which uses reduced blanking V2 mode, but you
could experiment with different options.

Then to use it:

xrandr --output <monitor output> --newmode <modeline name> <modeline details
from cvt>

xrandr --output <monitor output> --addmode <monitor output> <modeline name>

xrandr --output <monitor output> --mode <modeline name>

Modeline name being whatever you like.

You'll probably have to launch X with one of the monitors disconnected (as the
bug may trigger before you can apply the modeline change). I believe the amdgpu
DDX has support for specifying modelines, but I don't know the syntax off the
top of my head.

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