[Bug 204241] amdgpu fails to resume from suspend

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Sun Oct 13 10:47:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #28 from Ahzo at tutanota.com ---
(In reply to Andreas Jackisch from comment #27)
> In brief - the patch
> "0001-drm-amdgpu-uvd6-fix-allocation-size-in-enc-ring-test.patch" didn't
> work for me. After about 10 suspend/resume cycles the typical issue occurred
> again and I had to SysRq the system.

Indeed, the 0001-drm-amdgpu-uvd6-fix-allocation-size-in-enc-ring-test patch
(attachement 285473) doesn't work.
Apparently I got (un)lucky enough that it survived 30 suspend/resume cycles,
but testing it again, it failed.

On the other hand, the
0001-drm-amdgpu-uvd6-use-0-as-dummy-pointer-in-enc-ring-t patch (attachement
285469) survived 100 cycles.

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