[Bug 110674] Crashes / Resets From AMDGPU / Radeon VII

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Sat Oct 19 17:35:46 UTC 2019


--- Comment #166 from Peter Hercek <phercek at gmail.com> ---
I tried, 5.3.6-arch1-1 on archlinux with 3 DP monitors. It should contain the
patch based on the comment from linedot at xcpp.org.

I got the crash after 4 days of use. It looks the same as before:
ring sdma0 timeout, gpu reset (allegedly successful), many skipped IBs, and
failure to initialize parser for ever.

The situation looked like this from my experience: with each new kernel the
error got worse and worse; 5.3.6 improved it a lot, but it is still not fixed.

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