[PATCH 0/5] debugfs: Remove casts in debugfs_create_*() callers

Geert Uytterhoeven geert+renesas at glider.be
Mon Oct 21 14:51:44 UTC 2019

	Hi all,

Casting parameters in debugfs_create_*() calls prevents the compiler
from performing some checks.

Hence this patch series removes superfluous casts, or reworks code to no
longer need the casts.

All patches can be applied independently, there are no dependencies.
Thanks for your comments!

Geert Uytterhoeven (5):
  crypto: nx - Improve debugfs_create_u{32,64}() handling for atomics
  cxgb4/cxgb4vf: Remove superfluous void * cast in debugfs_create_file()
  drm/amdgpu: Remove superfluous void * cast in debugfs_create_file()
  power: avs: smartreflex: Remove superfluous cast in
    debugfs_create_file() call
  ionic: Use debugfs_create_bool() to export bool

 drivers/crypto/nx/nx_debugfs.c                 | 18 +++++++++---------
 drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_debugfs.c    |  4 ++--
 .../ethernet/chelsio/cxgb4vf/cxgb4vf_main.c    |  2 +-
 .../ethernet/pensando/ionic/ionic_debugfs.c    |  3 +--
 drivers/power/avs/smartreflex.c                |  2 +-
 5 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)




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