[Bug 111481] AMD Navi GPU frequent freezes on both Manjaro/Ubuntu with kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 -git/llvm9

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I have the same problem using archlinux. I tried mesa+llvm stable (19.2/9.0),
the git-versions with amdgpu and even with plain modesetting. I have random
freezes with xfce (with and without compositor) and nearly immediatly freezes
with Rise of the Tomb Raider. "Freezing" means X11, Magic SysRQ and SSH still
I had to remove the card because the computer was competely unusable with 4
freezes in 15 minutes. So I can't provide you with more information, sorry.
But if I can give you any information without putting the card back into the
computer (the slot has suffered a bit...) I am here.

Now I found this bug report and wonder, why it is 8 weeks old, still "new" and
unassigned and severity is not set. In my opinion a freezing computer is really

And I wonder why the bug is only at Arch/Manjaro and Ubuntu. Are all other
distris too old to work with Navi completely? I didn't even found a report from

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