[Bug 111481] AMD Navi GPU frequent freezes on both Manjaro/Ubuntu with kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 -git/llvm9

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--- Comment #160 from L.S.S. <ragnaros39216 at yandex.com> ---
I'll try AMD_DEBUG="nodma,nongg" when I get back.

Regarding this issue, is this issue mostly caused by the amdgpu driver itself,
or caused by mesa? It seems more related to the driver as I have this same
system freeze issue on both mesa from official Manjaro repo, as well as
mesa-aco-git from AUR (which is a bit newer).

Speaking of rendering, how do current web browser render images/videos
nowadays? I haven't gotten a single system freeze that was caused directly by
the web browser (Firefox/Chromium) yet, so I'm curious, given the issue might
be OpenGL-related.

So far the "ring sdma0 timeout" errors have been mostly caused by Nemo. Opening
the file manager, browsing files, or simply leaving the file manager running
can all cause the system to freeze at some point later.

By the way (off-topic), how's the issue on Wayland? And, does Cinnamon have
proper support for Wayland and does anyone who's on Manjaro have experience on
how to switch to Wayland from Xorg? I'm still unfamiliar about Wayland as I
have never really used it (all the DEs I've been actively using, such as XFCE
and Cinnamon, are still on X11/Xorg).

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