[PATCH 0/3] drm/vboxvideo: Use generic fbdev and framebuffer

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Mon Oct 28 12:06:28 UTC 2019


On 28-10-2019 12:34, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi
> Am 28.10.19 um 12:26 schrieb Hans de Goede:
>> Hi Thomas,
>> On 11-10-2019 15:48, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
>>> The vboxvideo driver provides its own implementation for fbdev emulation
>>> and framebuffers. Both can be replaced by DRM's generic code.
>>> All patches have been tested on VirtualBox 6.0.12.
>>> Thomas Zimmermann (3):
>>>     drm/vboxvideo: Switch to generic fbdev emulation
>>>     drm/vboxvideo: Switch to drm_atomic_helper_dirty_fb()
>>>     drm/vboxvideo: Replace struct vram_framebuffer with generic
>>>       implemenation
>> Thank you for these nice cleanups, unfortunately there is a small
>> bug in the last patch, you are setting:
>>      .fb_create = drm_gem_fb_create,
>> But since in the previous patch you switched to drm_atomic_helper_dirty_fb
>> that should be:
>>      .fb_create = drm_gem_fb_create_with_dirty,
>> The missing with_dirty is causing screenupdates under both plymouth and
>> gnome-shell (with llvmpipe) to gone missing. I'll send a patch fixing
>> this.
> You're right. I did test the patchset, but I can't tell why I didn't see
> this bug.

I know you tested the patch-set, since you said so above :)  You probably
are aware of this already, but did you check what vga-card the vm is using?
New vbox VMs default to their new vmware-svga card emulation, in which case
vboxvideo is not used at all, vboxvideo is only used with the older VboxVGA
and VboxSVGA (*) virtual vga-cards.

> Anyway, thanks a lot for providing the fix.

You are welcome.



*) Of course once I finally get their driver upstream they deprecate it, grumble.

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