Proposal to report GPU private memory allocations with sysfs nodes [plain text version]

Yiwei Zhang zzyiwei at
Wed Oct 30 21:03:43 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

Didn't realize gmail has a plain text mode ; )

> In my opinion tracking per process is good, but you cannot sidestep the
> question of tracking performance by saying that there is only few
> processes using the GPU.
Agreed, I shouldn't make that statement. Thanks for the info as well!

> What is an "active" GPU private allocation? This implies that there are
> also inactive allocations, what are those?
"active" is used to claim that we don't track the allocation history. We just
want the currently allocated memory.

> What about getting a coherent view of the total GPU private memory
> consumption of a single process? I think the same caveat and solution
> would apply.
Realistically I assume drivers won't change the values during a snapshot
call? But adding one more node per process for total GPU private memory
allocated would be good for test enforcement for the coherency as well. I'd
suggest an additional "/sys/devices/<some TBD root>/<pid>/gpu_mem/total"


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