[Bug 111481] AMD Navi GPU frequent freezes on both Manjaro/Ubuntu with kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 -git/llvm9

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Thu Oct 31 11:54:22 UTC 2019


--- Comment #184 from wychuchol <wychuchol7777 at gmail.com> ---
Pop OS 19.10, latest Oibaf mesa (as of date) not sure what llvm, I'm kinda new
at this and search "how to check my llvm version" didn't yield any results...
Please be patient with me.

Anyway this happens frequently on rx 5700 xt, DDLC Monika's After Story mod
(similar things occur with youtube videos, browsing internet - like trying to
log in or opening a 

Oct 31 11:52:34 pop-os kernel: [  129.130712]
[drm:amdgpu_dm_commit_planes.constprop.0 [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Waiting for fences
timed out!
Oct 31 11:52:34 pop-os kernel: [  133.994710] [drm:amdgpu_job_timedout
[amdgpu]] *ERROR* ring sdma0 timeout, signaled seq=17012, emitted seq=17014
Oct 31 11:52:34 pop-os kernel: [  133.994747] [drm:amdgpu_job_timedout
[amdgpu]] *ERROR* Process information: process DDLC pid 3150 thread DDLC:cs0
pid 3168
Oct 31 11:52:34 pop-os kernel: [  133.994748] [drm] GPU recovery disabled.

Sometimes it's right away, sometimes it can run for maybe an hour or so but it
does hang - everything besides the mouse pointer stops (but can't click on
anything), can't change to system terminal via ctr+alt+F3, power button does
not give a signal to shut down (I tried waiting for about 2 minutes maybe I
needed to wait more but nothing really helps and REISUB doesn't seem to be
working at all here or I'm doing it wrong) only option left being hard reset.

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