[Bug 111240] RX 560x is very slow

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--- Comment #5 from Sylvain BERTRAND <sylvain.bertrand at gmail.com> ---
On multi-core cpus, better use the performance cpu freq governor.
Some load profiles may be badly managed by the on-demand cpu freq governor.
Due to the load profile, some cores may not get enough load to be switched to
their highest frequencies (which is critical for realtime game performance).

I did notice significant fps loss with the on-demand cpu governor with some of
my dota2 configurations running on a 8-cores 4.7GHz (FX9590).

This is a pb for lambda users who don't want to know anything about cpu freq

Multi-threaded games must be aware of the pb and warn the users about the
cpu governor settings (this is true on any OS).

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