[Bug 109955] amdgpu [RX Vega 64] system freeze while gaming

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--- Comment #94 from Mauro Gaspari <ilvipero at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Wilko Bartels from comment #93)
> (In reply to Wilko Bartels from comment #91)
> > how big are your swap partitions guys? just toying around here :-)
> also i wanna know if anyone else on arch tested the amdgpu-pro yet?
> i played only 3 hours now. we all know that doesnt mean anything :-)
> but fingers crossed.
> i also have no idea how to confirm its even used. the kernel module showing
> amdgpu in both circumstances right?

I am testing on multiple distributions with different mesa drivers. Swap size
is 2GB to 8GB depending on the distro. Having 64GB RAM, my swap is constantly
So far the best performance I have is on ubuntu budgie 18.04 with MESA-ACO
released by Valve. I had no crashes in quite some time. But I did not have much
time to play lately, so I need more time to test.

Regarding AMDGPU-PRO, I tested on ubuntu a very long time ago, and it was quite
bad. But I think it makes sense to test and compare. I will install another
ubuntu budgie 18.04 on a separate SSD and use it with AMDGPU-PRO. and see if
the same issues are shared with AMDGPU, or not.

Thanks, and let me know how AMDGPU-PRO works on arch.

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