gnome-shell stuck because of amdgpu driver [5.3 RC5]

Hillf Danton hdanton at
Wed Sep 4 01:17:16 UTC 2019

Daniel Vetter <daniel at>
>> Now 11:01pm and "gnome shell stuck warning" not appear since 19:17. So
>> looks like issue happens only when computer blocked and monitor in
>> power save mode.
> I'd bet on runtime pm or some other power saving feature in amdgpu
> shutting the interrupt handling down before we've handled all the
> interrupts. That would then result in a stuck fence.
> Do we already know which fence is stuck?

It is welcomed to shed a thread of light on how to collect/print that info.
Say line:xxx-yyy in path/to/amdgpu/zzz.c


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