[Bug 111482] Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT power consumption

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--- Comment #10 from Andrew Sheldon <asheldon55 at gmail.com> ---
>I don't know how to interpret your last comment 

Yeah, I was a bit unclear. I was just indicating that while I can workaround
the issue, it can still be triggered on my system as well. E.g. if I switch to
75hz, it will be stuck at 850mhz (even after switching back), so it's possible
that the issue can be triggered through different ways (but the underlying
issue may be the same). 

Anyway, I suspect that this bug, the one related to sensor readings (including
the 75hz issue), are all related. It's most likely a video bios/firmware issue
as it affects Windows as well, and some have even triggered the bug in BIOS
settings, with monitors that use 75hz.

One thing you could try is booting with a window manager/DE that doesn't use
any sort of hardware acceleration. That's the main difference I can figure
between my system, and yours (besides the fact I use x370 instead of x570). I
would also try a lower resolution just to test, as that's a pretty non-standard
res, and might be another way of triggering this bug.

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