[Bug 111482] Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT power consumption

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--- Comment #12 from Robert <freedesktop at postfach.xyz> ---
Andrew, you're my hero ;-) While I'm even more sad now (because I now think
that this issue will be indeed never be fixed) I now at least can imagine
what's going on.

As you recommended I changed resolution to 1920x1080. That's quite common I
would say. And tata! Indeed "sensors" reported 8W. Then I changed to 3840x2160.
Not so usual I guess but the 2nd biggest resolution my monitor supports. Still
8W! And then back to 5120x1440. And tata! 33W :-(

That could mean two things: 1) There is a bug somewhere (firmware, driver, ...)
with this resolution which causes that high idle power consumption or 2) which
is even worse I suspect that with this resolution the 5700XT acts like you have
plugged in two monitors. And from what I read throughout all Navi10 reviews
multi monitor setups and power consumption was and still is a problem with AMD
graphic cards in general. Oh man, that's something I really didn't calculated
with :-( Yeah, in that case I can really only hope for the Intel Xe graphics
cards next year (if they really build a consumer card which nobody knows yet
;-) ).

I still don't understand why in console where KMS is enabled 8W is enough and
while running KDE Plasma in that resolution it takes round about 33W. But maybe
it really has something to do with acceleration. It doesn't even consider
reducing memory clock at least a little bit even if I do nothing and haven't
even started any program. That's the funny thing in general: As long as I don't
start Firefox, Thunderbird or something like that "sensors" don't even work. It
just prints garbage values and takes minutes to complete. If I start one of the
programs mentioned above the screen flickers very shortly and afterwards
"sensors" works as expected. I guess only the AMD god knows what that means ;-) 

At least I now know that I can't do anything further. It just would be cool if
one of the AMD engineers could confirm my assumption that with a resolution of
5144x1440 the card always runs at highest memory clock speed as it does with a
multi monitor setup (from what I've read so far).

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