[Bug 111669] Navi GPU hang in Minecraft

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Thu Sep 12 13:50:42 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer <pierre-eric.pelloux-prayer at amd.com> ---
Thanks for the bug report and the trace.

I can reproduce the hang. There's always a page fault before, e.g:

amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0: [gfxhub] page fault (src_id:0 ring:24 vmid:3 pasid:32772,
for process glretrace pid 8616 thread glretrace:cs0 pid 8617)
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:   in page starting at address 0x0000000000f03000 from
client 27
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0: GCVM_L2_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS:0x00301031
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:     MORE_FAULTS: 0x1
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:     WALKER_ERROR: 0x0
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:     PERMISSION_FAULTS: 0x3
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:     MAPPING_ERROR: 0x0
amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0:     RW: 0x0

I couldn't find the root cause yet.

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